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Taxation: Finance Act 2017, 23th Edition

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  • Title: Taxation: Finance Act 2017, 23th Edition
  • Author:
  • Length: 624 pages
  • Edition: 23
  • Language: English
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date: 2017-12-19
  • ISBN-10: 1292200804
  • ISBN-13: 9781292200804
  • Sales Rank: #9618189 (See Top 100 Books)

This edition brings the book completely up to date with the provisions of the Finance Act 2017, including: * Making Tax Digital (MTD) * Revised Budget timetable * Income tax in Scotland * Cash basis for property businesses * Employee shareholder status * Taxation of termination payments * The cash basis threshold * Enabler penalties * Reform of corporate loss relief * Corporate interest expense restriction * IHT main residence nil-rate band * Deemed domicile This book will be of value to both undergraduate and professional students of business and accounting, and will be particularly useful for students preparing for the following examinations: ICAEW Certificate Level, Principles of Taxation; ACCA Fundamentals Level, Taxation; ACCA Technician Scheme, Foundations in Taxation; CIPFA Diploma Stage, Taxation; AAT Professional Diploma, Personal Tax and Business Tax; ATT Certificates, Personal Taxation; Business Taxation and Accounting Principles; AIA Foundation Level, Auditing and Taxation; IFA Level 4, Tax for SMEs.

Table of Contents

Part 1 Income Tax and National Insurance
Chapter 1 Introduction To The Uk Tax System
Chapter 2 Introduction To Income Tax
Chapter 3 Personal Allowances
Chapter 4 Payments And Gifts Eligible For Tax Relief
Chapter 5 Income From Property
Chapter 6 Income From Savings And Investments
Chapter 7 Income From Employment (1)
Chapter 8 Income From Employment (2)
Chapter 9 Income From Self-Employment: Computation Of Income
Chapter 10 Income From Self-Employment: Basis Periods
Chapter 11 Income From Self-Employment: Capital Allowances
Chapter 12 Income From Self-Employment: Trading Losses
Chapter 13 Income From Self-Employment: Partnerships
Chapter 14 Pension Contributions
Chapter 15 Payment Of Income Tax, Interest And Penalties
Chapter 16 National Insurance Contributions

Part 2 Capital Gains Tax
Chapter 17 Introduction To Capital Gains Tax
Chapter 18 Computation Of Gains And Losses
Chapter 19 Chattels And Wasting Assets
Chapter 20 Shares And Securities
Chapter 21 Principal Private Residence
Chapter 22 Cgt Reliefs

Part 3 Corporation Tax
Chapter 23 Introduction To Corporation Tax
Chapter 24 Corporate Chargeable Gains
Chapter 25 Computation And Payment Of The Corporation Tax Liability
Chapter 26 Corporation Tax Losses
Chapter 27 Close Companies And Investment Companies
Chapter 28 Groups Of Companies And Reconstructions

Part 4 Miscellaneous
Chapter 29 Value Added Tax (1)
Chapter 30 Value Added Tax (2)
Chapter 31 Inheritance Tax
Chapter 32 Overseas Aspects Of Taxation

Part 5 Answers
Chapter Answers To Exercises
Chapter Answers To Review Questions

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