Arduino 101: A Technical Reference to Setup and Program Arduino Zero, Nano, Due, Mega and Uno Projects Front Cover

Arduino 101: A Technical Reference to Setup and Program Arduino Zero, Nano, Due, Mega and Uno Projects

  • Length: 180 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2020-10-15
  • ISBN-10: B08L9RKBZG

Arduino 101 is an introduction to advanced guide to Arduino Programming, which provides you with all the basic to advanced knowledge you need to get started with writing Arduino microcontroller codes for several unique projects. This book is suitable for newbies and baked programmers as it is well detailed, with codes and images included, assisting readers with the step-by-step processes of different Arduino operations.

This book is versatile, and covers various aspects related to programming with Arduino, starting from simplest operations to very complex ones.

Some of the information you will get in this book include:

  • How to Install the IDE Arduino board
  • How to Set up the Arduino board
  • How to Upload and Running a Blink Sketch on Arduino
  • How to use a 32-bit Arduino
  • Arduino Variables and functions
  • How to Convert a String to a Number on Arduino
  • Sending information from Arduino the computer
  • Sending Formatted Text and Numeric Data from Arduino
  • Receiving Serial Data in Arduino
  • Receiving Multiple Text Fields in a Single Message in Arduino
  • Sending Binary Data from Arduino
  • Receiving Binary Data from Arduino on a Computer
  • Sending Binary Values from Processing to Arduino
  • Sending the Value of Multiple Arduino Pins
  • Logging Arduino Data to a File on Your Computer
  • Sending Data to Two Serial Devices at the Same Time
  • How to Use Arduino with Raspberry Pi 4
  • LED matrix through multiplexing
  • How to Control Rotational position with a servo
  • Controlling a Digital Camera with Arduino
  • Connecting Arduino to an Ethernet network
  • Using Arduino as a webserver
  • Sending Twitter messages on Arduino
  • Publishing Data to an MQTT broker on Arduino
  • Using built-in Libraries on Arduino
  • Installing a third-party library
  • Uploading Sketches using a programmer on Arduino
  • Replacing Arduino Bootloader
  • And Lots More
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