Scratch Programming Workbook: Practice Exercises Front Cover

Scratch Programming Workbook: Practice Exercises

  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2021-05-13
  • ISBN-10: B094XNKRZW

Let’s deepen the understanding steadily.
Currently, programming education is receiving a lot of attention around the world. Today, the number of programming books for children is increasing, and the hurdles to start programming are very low.
In addition, educational programming software makes learning very enjoyable because children can visually check the execution results.
However, although the hurdles in programming have been lowered, it is quite difficult to understand correctly. Then, there is a possibility that the children will fall into the situation of “just assembling and moving the command block appropriately” and “just copying the program of the book”.
To learn programming, the following cycle is important.
“Try to make” ⇒ “Understand the operation” ⇒ “Think and make by ourselves”
Then, “Understand the operation” is the most difficult part, and patience is needed for this part.
Therefore, we have made a question-type book for the purpose to steadily understand the command blocks and how to combine them.
We think accumulating knowledge by understanding the flow of the program and how to use the command for each problem will ultimately help children to create their own work.
In addition, we have posted topics that will help parents to teach programming for their children. So, we are happy if parents and children will take on the challenge of programming.

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