Raspberry Pi 4 2020 Beginners Guide : A Complete 2020 Manual to get started with Raspberry pi 4 Projects Front Cover

Raspberry Pi 4 2020 Beginners Guide : A Complete 2020 Manual to get started with Raspberry pi 4 Projects

  • Length: 93 pages
  • Edition: 1
  • Publication Date: 2020-07-18
  • ISBN-10: B08D8PFN46
  • Sales Rank: #87576 (See Top 100 Books)

Don’t unbox your raspberry pi 4 without this guide as a beginner.

The main aim of this guide is to help beginners get a good grasp of programming with Raspberry. Users don’t need to have any knowledge of programming before they can benefit immensely from this guide. The book takes you through the world of Raspberry pi – starting from its evolution- and covers various advancements that have been done with the pi.

There is a whole chapter dedicated to building the Raspberry pi with the python programming language. The guide talks about scripts that can allow you to make maximum use of your Raspberry pi – especially by connecting hardware with the pi.

The guide enumerates various projects that have been done and perfected with the Raspberry pi – with clear codes and descriptions to achieve them.

Some of the information you will get in this book include:

  • Operating systems used by the Raspberry pi
  • Installing Raspbian on Raspberry pi 4 using NOOBS
  • Installing Raspberry on the Raspberry pi 4 by writing a disc image
  • Getting Familiar with the Raspberry Pi 4
  • Exploring the Raspbian desktop
  • Using your Raspberry Pi 4
  • Browsing the internet with the Raspberry pi 4: The chromium web browser
  • Saving your files on the Raspberry pi: The File Manager
  • Writing on the Raspberry Pi 4 (The LibreOffice Productivity Suite)
  • The Recommended Software tools
  • The Raspberry pi configuration tools
  • The Raspberry Command Line
  • The Raspberry Projects: Building With The Pi
  • Python Programming For Raspberry
  • The tkinter package
  • Exploring the tkinter widget
  • Python Web Programming
  • Running a web server on your pi
  • Basic pi/python projects
  • Building your pi projects with python
  • And Lots More
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