Learn Robotics with Arduino – Step by Step approach with 20 Hands on Projects Front Cover

Learn Robotics with Arduino – Step by Step approach with 20 Hands on Projects


The “Build a Robot with Arduino” book includes all the necessary information to build a differential drive robot, including detailed description of mechanical, electronics, programming and simulation software. The book also armed with a companion online site that contains additional tutorials, videos, and online support. The purpose of this book is to put together all the information to teach the student how to build a robot by using Arduino board. By using this book the readers can easily learn robotics by building practical projects.

In this book we are building a differential drive robot that can perform following tasks based on the system & code mentioned in this book.
– Move and rotate forward, backward, right, left in autonomous navigation.
– Determine the surrounding obstacles.
– Avoid obstacles.
– Edge detection and avoidance.
– Can run on a table or similar surface.
– Light detection for light avoidance.
– Table guard mode.
– Line follower mode.
– Communication using light and sound.

Building Robot with Arduino, the book demonstrates how to build a robot through a very simple, series of hands on practical projects. This book contains everything you need to know about building arduino robot, including mechanical, electrical and programming information. The content of the book has been started from the very beginning and it has been gradually taken to the advanced level. Anyone who reads the book get pleasure and can make a robot with fun.

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