Arduino Reference: Syntax, Concepts, and Examples, 2nd Edition Front Cover

Arduino Reference: Syntax, Concepts, and Examples, 2nd Edition

  • Length: 109 pages
  • Edition: 2
  • Publication Date: 2021-04-28
  • ISBN-10: B093S6H5LL

Arduino Reference

Syntax, Concepts, and Examples – 2nd Edition

Since the launch of the Arduino open-source platform, the brand has established themselves at the center of an expansive open-source community. The Arduino ecosystem is comprised of a diverse combination of hardware and software. The versatility of Arduino and its simple interface makes it a leading choice for a wide range of users around the world from hobbyists, designers, and artists to product prototypes.

The Arduino board is connected to a computer via USB, where it connects with the Arduino development environment (IDE). The user writes the Arduino code in the IDE, then uploads it to the microcontroller which executes the code, interacting with inputs and outputs such as sensors, motors, and lights.

Both beginners and experts have access to a wealth of free resources and materials to support them. Users can look up information on how to set up their board or even how to code on Arduino. The open source behind Arduino has made it particularly friendly to new and experienced users. There are thousands of Arduino code examples available online. In this book, We will explain all the basic principles that a novice programmer needs to enter the genius world, Arduino

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